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What do the product symbols mean? Sausages & Black Pudding

Italian Twist Saus & Mushroom

Product code: GS958366

A ready-cooked, twisted pizza dough snack filled with sausage, mushroom and cheese (approx. 175g each).

Can be served in branded paper sleeves supplied in case.

Microwave or oven reheat from frozen.

Pack size: 28 x 175g

Egg FreeMicrowavableHydrogenated Fats FreeMSG Free

B/wood Smkd Gourmet Pork H/Dog

Product code: GS959035

A ready-cooked, high quality pork sausage with a slightly smoky / mild spicy flavour, filled in a natural sheep casing (approx. 190mm long x 24mm diam. / 90g each).

Pack size: 48 x 90g

Milk FreeEgg FreeMicrowavableHydrogenated Fats FreeMSG Free

GF Pork Cocktail Sausages

Product code: JDM10238

A gluten-free, traditional, succulent cocktail pork sausage in a beef casing (approx. 13g each/x30 sausages per 400g).

Made with Irish pork.

Suitable for coeliacs.

Pack size: 8 x 400g

Gluten FreeMilk FreeEgg FreePack suitable for Cash & CarryHydrogenated Fats FreeMSG Free

Gluten Free Pork Sausages

Product code: JDM10294

A gluten-free, traditional, succulent pork sausage (8s size) in a beef casing (approx. 57g each).

Made with Irish pork.

Suitable for coeliacs.

Pack size: 8 x 454g

Gluten FreeMilk FreeEgg FreePack suitable for Cash & CarryHydrogenated Fats FreeMSG Free

Cumberland Style Ring - 5oz

Product code: A28E006

A raw, traditional recipe, meaty Cumberland-style ring sausage, secured with a wooden skewer (approx. 5oz/140g each).

Pack size: 1 x 24

Hydrogenated Fats FreeMSG Free

Cumberland Style Ring - 8oz

Product code: A28E007

A raw, meaty, ring-shaped, traditional Cumberland-style pork sausage, held together with a wooden skewer (approx. 224g/8oz each).

Pack size: 1 x 20

Hydrogenated Fats FreeMSG Free

Black Pudding - Sliced

Product code: KK99002

Black Pudding Sliced

Pack size: 60 x 42g

Milk FreeEgg FreeHydrogenated Fats FreeMSG Free

Vegetable Sausage

Product code: KV2163

A blend of lightly seasoned vegetables, including carrot, potato, peas, peppers, onion and sweetcorn, formed into a traditional sausage shape and coated in a light, crisp, tempura batter.

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Halal approved.

Pack size: 48 x 56g

VegetarianVeganMilk FreeEgg FreeHalal ApprovedHydrogenated Fats FreeMSG Free

Vegetarian Sausage-approx 50g

Product code: HC1402981

Lightly seasoned vegetarian sausages made with rehydrated textured soya protein (approx. 50g each).

Also suitable for vegans.

This product is flash-fried during manufacture.

PIG Sized VEG SOC Vegan Logo

Pack size: 1 x 2kg

VegetarianVeganMilk FreeEgg FreeHydrogenated Fats FreeMSG Free

GF Sausage Roll

Product code: PF6018714

An unbaked, unglazed, gluten-free puff pastry sausage roll, filled with lightly seasoned British pork (unbaked approx. 90g /110mm long each). Suitable for coeliacs.

Pack size: 3 x 22 x 90g

Gluten FreeHydrogenated Fats FreeMSG Free

Savoury Buffet Mini Eggs

Product code: PF6012428

Lightly seasoned, chopped sausage meat shaped into balls, filled with creamy egg mayonnaise, all coated in light, crunchy, golden breadcrumbs (approx. diameter 3-4cm/18g each).

Defrost and serve or reheat from frozen to serve warm.

Pack size: 4 x 20

Milk FreeHydrogenated Fats FreeMSG Free

Mixed Mini Party Pack

Product code: PF6012678

A selection of popular, mini-sized party snacks:
* 20 uncured pork pies
* 15 puff pastry sausage rolls
* 15 chicken kievs
* 15 savoury eggs (pork sausage meat with an egg mayonnaise filling, all covered in breadcrumbs).

Thaw 'n' serve or reheat to serve warm (except pork pies).

Pack size: 1 x 65

Hydrogenated Fats FreeMSG Free
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